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Imagine the possibility of going back in time and reliving old memories with someone dear. This person was a vital part of your life and you have shared many beautiful memories. It is now however too late to fix the broken relationship it had turned into and all you dream of is to go back in time and experience those memories again in order to fully understand what went wrong and wonder if it was ever possible to change the outcome of this once special bond.


"To My Dear Sarah" is an interactive narrative game set in Virtual Reality telling the story of Sarah who journeys through her past after losing her grandfather. She shared the fondest memories with him when she was a child. Her most precious memory of him was when he would teach her to play the piano. Sarah's grandfather composed for his granddaughter a song which he named "To My Dear Sarah". When Sarah became a teenager, she started to become distant and her grandfather was never able to approach her as he did before. When she became an adult, the roles reversed and her grandfather became distant and uninterested, a symptom of old age. He then passes away without Sarah ever reconciling with him, which breaks her spirit and fills her with guilt. Sarah then takes this journey to the past in order to understand what went wrong and how things could have been fixed.

The starting scene of the game is a memory of Sarah as a child and her gradfather playing the piano. In each scene is a distant memory and there are scattered memo objects within the scene which you can pick up and then you are transported into a different memory. As you progress in the game and jump through time and memories you will discover how Sarah changed as a teenager and became less caring and attentive to her grandfather and as a consequence when she turned into an adult, it was her grandfather who became distant. There is a lesson to be learned from this short game on the importance of keeping your loved ones close and cherishing every moment with them. 

This project was part of my senior final project and was exhibited in Dubai Design District for the 6 Degrees exhibition. It was presented in VR format and many visitors tried playing my game with the Occulus Headset. 3D modeling and texturing was made in Blender. Game engine used was Unity 3D. 

Concept and Story - Lana Razak

Character Concept Art - Lana Razak

Environment Setup - Lana Razak

3D Modeling, Texturing and Animation - Lana Razak

Development and Programming - Lana Razak

VR Development and Set up - Lana Razak

"To My Dear Sarah" Song Composer - Majed Al Shamsi

Professor overseeing the project - Zlatan Filipovic


Short trailer of the game

Character Concept Art



Character 3D Model



Scenes in 3D